Decide What You Are Worth and Charge It!

Welcome to my little piece of the Web – a place where I hope you can find solace from the constant bombardment of trifling bits of information that assault us all, in an ever increasing volume, every day – a calm, reflective place for you to visit and ruminate on some of the ideas and concepts I have managed to mine from all of the “noise” that surrounds us.

Here you will have access to my published articles and blog posts, as well as those from other notable people that I admire and respect, all of which has been created and compiled for the sole purpose of helping you live a better, more fulfilled life, both personally and professionally.

As an entrepreneurial business owner, speaker and author, I have learned how the right choices in attitude, lifestyle, exercise, nutrition, and the influences you allow them to have on your life, can coalesce in a positive self-image for you, and a strong bottom line for your business.

This Website, and my life’s work on which it is based, is my attempt to share this understanding with you. The crux of my mantra can be summed up in one simple phrase I coined, “Decide what you are worth, and charge it.”

I strongly believe that determining self-worth and negotiating for oneself empowers individuals to identify and command their true value in any situation they may encounter in life, whether it be interviewing for a job, negotiating a contract, purchasing a home or a dating a prospective partner.

Each day provides opportunities for us to establish healthy boundaries and to command what we want, need and deserve, both fiscally and emotionally.

Please enjoy my site, my articles and links to other influential people who can inspire you to live the life of a successful entrepreneur!